Oct 9, 2014

Recent pick-me-ups

It's been a challenging few months with all sorts of hiccups in both my professional and personal life. But these are a few things that have made me happy recently.

1) A girl can never have too many lipsticks and I can always rely on a new lipstick to cheer me up. I love the new packaging on the NARS Audacious lipstick and recently picked it up in Geraldine, an orangish-coral-y shade. Bonus, the cap snaps in by magnet!

2) These pumps were a total impulse purchase, but as soon as I tried them on, I knew I was doomed. They immediately made me feel awesome and put-together and all sorts of positive things. I couldn't leave without them.

3) I'm so excited about my monogrammed Petra bag, thanks to the kind folks at Everlane. The bag is the perfect mid-size (well, compared to all the other tiny bags I've been using recently), and I always like a bag I can wear crossbody.

4) My brows need a lot of help. With this gel, I can somewhat tame their unruly ways.

5) I could have jumped for joy when I finally found a pair of sunglasses that didn't slip off my face or rest on my cheeks. Having no nose bridge and super wide cheeks makes sunglass shopping more of a pain than fun, but this pair finally works for me.

6) Artifact Uprising sent me a little surprise in the mail and it was a print of one of my favorite iPhone images. I'm also honored to be part of their community of Photo Ambassadors.

7) Astier de Villatte x John Derian. Enough said.

8) I like to be prepared and almost always carry a pair of flats when I wear heels anywhere – now they don't have to take up as much space in my bag thanks to these fold-up flats, courtesy of Tieks.

Oct 6, 2014

A long weekend in Seattle

I was in Seattle for the first time a few weeks ago and really had the best time. And though I brought my Sony a7r, I didn't put it to much use, so all I have are these sporadic iPhone shots from the short three days I was there. I'm missing a ton of great places I went to, but I've included everything in a list at the end of the post – a little mini-guide, if you will.

1+2) Breakfast at The London Plane (basically if I see avocado toast on a menu, I have to order it) and cute little zinnias right outside

3) A late night at Canon (don't miss the Angostura Bourbon nuts!)
4) Victrola Coffee - first stop after arriving in the city

5) Probably my favorite place I had coffee in Seattle – Milstead & Co
6) Of course, how could one miss Totokaelo on a visit

7+8) Squeezed in a drive up to beautiful Lummi Island for dinner at Willows Inn

9) Lunch at the airy Westward
10) Breakfast at Sitka & Spruce (and probably one of the most Instagrammed windows in Seattle)

11) Another quick coffee stop at Anchored Ship in Ballard
12) Why does it seem like every shop in Seattle has amazing light?

13+14) The perfect final meal at The Walrus & The Carpenter


The London Plane
Sitka & Spruce
The Walrus & The Carpenter
Willows Inn (if you can make the drive)
Molly Moon's


Les Amis


Needle & Thread
Tavern Law
Milstead & Co
Anchored Ship

Sep 29, 2014

Villa Catalana Cellars

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of exploring the Willamette Valley with Travel Oregon. We had three glorious days of biking (so out of my element!) and endless amounts of wine and food (ahh, much more my element). On our last day, we had a beautiful lunch at the Villa Catalana Cellars, a winery just a half hour or so south of Portland. The site is also home to a number of rare plants and the Romanesque architecture transports you to some bucolic European countryside. It's hard not to be completely charmed by the ponds, olive trees, gardens, and the dreamy owner Burl Mostul – as always, I'll have to let the photos do most of the talking for me.

Villa Catalana Cellars
11900 S Criteser Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Sep 24, 2014

Fashion Week Accessories

It was such a pleasure to work on these fashion week accessories spreads for Yahoo Style with amazing prop stylist, JoJo Li. We shot one for each city: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. I don't really have a favorite, but do love the chaos of the Milan shot.

Sep 9, 2014

The Navy Trench

In case you haven't heard – read: stalk Everlane's new arrivals like I do – their swing trench is back, and now comes in navy and tan. I love a good trench coat, and my favorite feature about this one is the A-line shape from the profile view. In typical Alice fashion, I'd wear this with the sleeves pushed up and probably unbuttoned. Now if only trench weather would last more than what, all of two weeks, in NYC?

Everlane trench / Protagonist tee / MiH jeans

Thank you to the Everlane team for letting me preview this color before launch. Their products are really a second skin for me at this point.

Sep 1, 2014

Playing with Fire

I'm excited to share some of the images and outtakes of The Burned Food Menu for Kinfolk Vol 13 (out tomorrow) that I worked on with Kate and Diana. I think we were all slightly nervous when the shoot discussions veered into talks of "how do we not burn down someone's place." I told my assistant he would also be playing fire marshal that day.

But in all seriousness, we were lucky no one got hurt when the bananas foster coupe exploded and the flames almost went out of control. Of course, this was before we got the final shot so we ran with it, because what else can you really do in that situation. I hope you get a chance to flip through this issue because it's a good one.

(A little behind the scenes action – can I add hand-modeling to my resume now?)

Aug 25, 2014

Paper & Clay Ceramics

I happened upon the Paper & Clay studio in Memphis by chance back in June, while we were driving around aimlessly early one morning. Since I only had a half day to spare there, I frantically called and emailed Brit McDaniel (the owner), hoping to stop in and shoot her space if she would be around. Brit was super sweet and welcomed us in, and even let me shoot her in action. I really admire what she's doing and was so happy to find this little space. Turns out my friend Kira (who has styled more than a handful of my shoots for me – including some of the ones on this blog) totally knew of her work already and had ordered things from her before. Hello, small world.

Brit makes beautiful, simple and modern pieces that are inspired by Scandinavian designs, plus she makes all of her glazes from scratch. You can find a selection of her work for purchase here.

[Shot for Lincoln Motor Company]

Paper & Clay
The Art Factory
777 South Cox #8
Memphis, TN 38104